Tile Adhesive 4 Kg

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This is a special adhesive used for fixing PVC tiles, parquet wood floors and ceramic tiles as well

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 4 Pcs

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The adhesive should be spread with a notched trowel. The notches should be spread on a 4.75mm centre and cut 1.6mm deep. It is important that not too much adhesive is applied.

Any attempt to compensate for rough or uneven surfaces or subfloors with a thick coating of adhesive will be unsatisfactory.
Minimum coverage up to 3.7 sq. Meters per kg. Laying of the tiles should commence from the centre of the room, working outwards and care taken to maintain a square pattern. The appearance and wear of any floor covering is largely governed by the surface on which it is laid.
It is recommended that care is taken to ensure that a high-quality subfloor is used. Store in a cool dry place.

Weight 4 kg


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